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Gameplay Basics

Magical reactions occur when orbs impact other orbs of the same element. Your goal is to create long chains of such reactions by strategically removing (tapping) orbs.

    • Tap an orb to zap it with your wand. Choose one where the orbs above and below are of the same color (element)
    • A falling orb starts a reaction upon impacting another of the same color (element)
    • In the example on the right, the reaction started by orb 1 striking 2 destroys all adjoining fire orbs, and also triggers an explosion in magical fire orb 5.

Cascade of reactions (chains) is possible as long as orbs are still falling on the screen. You will be quite familiar with chains as they happen often, especially at higher levels.

Game Rules and Score

The game of MoE is divided by game rounds. Each round has 12 moves. Tapping an orb starts a move, which ends when all orbs have stopped moving. All of the orbs have to have settled before you can make another move. Tapping the screen when orbs are still moving will speed up the game temporarily. Game speed can be adjusted at any time from the settings screen.

There is a 10-second limit between moves. If you do not make a move within this time limit, you will lose the move.

Scores are accumulated for all 12 moves. Best scores are reported to the Game Center Leaderboard that corresponds to your highest rank in the four magic schools. For example, if you are a Master of Ice and Apprentice of the other three schools, your score is reported to the Master-level leaderboard. If you are a Master of all four schools, your score is reported to the same leaderboard. As a result, balanced skill developement can give you an edge.

2X and 3X orbs double or triple your scores. Their effects last until the end of the move (not the end of the round). When all the orbs have stopped moving, the score multipliers are reset to 1X.

The effects of score multiplers are cumulative. For example, if you break two 3x orbs and one 2x orb during the same move, scores earned afterwards within this move will be multiplied by 2 x 3 x 3 = 18. The accumulated multiplier is capped at x100.

Game Controls and Indicators

On iPhones and iPods, for accurate tapping, slide finger on the screen until the orb you wish to select is highlighted. Releasing your finger will zap the highlighted orb. If you wish to abort, simply slide your finger all the way up to the top of the screen. On iPad's bigger screens, this would not be necessary.

  • The gear icon takes you to the settings screen, where you can adjust game speed, background brightness, as well as music and sound effects.
  • Bringing up the settings screen or magic school info screens pauses the game.
  • You can go back to the main menu from the settings screen or the magic school info screens. Be careful though as your current round's progress will be lost.
  • Manually start a new round by tapping the wand charges counter.
  • Gold stars next to the element icons indicate your current rank in that particular school.
  • The golden triangle pointing down to one of the element icons shows your current specialization. You can change it at any time by tapping the "Change Specialization" button from the settings screen, the magic school info screens, or from the main menu.

Leveling and Specialization

There are four schools of magic you can specialize in - Fire, Ice, Air and Earth. Your magic skills in the chosen school develope much faster than the other schools. As you rise through the ranks, both the power of element magic and the likelihood of magic orbs increase for that element.

The amount of time it takes to reach the next Rank becomes progressively longer in each school. It is usually more rewarding to keep your progress in each magic school at roughly the same rate. Changing specialization is easy. You can do it in game from the settings or magic school info screens, or from the main menu.

Gems and Wand

There are three types of gems for each element - small gems, polished crystals, and elemnt essences. Each gem either enhances an existing power or adds a powerful new ability when equipped on your wand.

You can equip a limited number of each type of gems. For small gems, crystals and essences, the equip limit is 3, 2 and 1, respectively.

The magic wand has 3 available gem slots initially. It can be upgraded to a total of 12 by purchasing wand upgrades in the shop.

  • Fire Gem - Primary explosion range +1 - there will be a bigger fireball when triggering a magic fire orb.
  • Fire Crystal - Secondary explosion range +1 - this helps to open up gaps and create longer chains.
  • Fire Essence - Number of secondary explosion +1 - at grandmaster level, equipping this gem gives you a total of 4 secondary explosions. A fully equipped fire wand produces awesome, screen-wiping explosions.
  • Ice Gem - Ice bursts within shockwave range +1 - random ice orbs burst more violently when the shockwave sweeps through, and take out the surrounding orbs.
  • Ice Crystal - Shockwave range +1 - when triggering an magic ice orb, the resulting shockwave can travel further out.
  • Ice Essence - Blue Flash chance +10% - the element energy boosted by the rare ice essence erupts into a blinding blue light and wipes out every single ice orb in sight.
  • Air Gem - Chain lightning chance +20% - Occasionally the lightning energy can jump to a third air orb before its fully spent. Equipping an air gem increases this possibility.
  • Air Crystal - Second chain arc chance +20% - equipping this gem gives a chance of an additional chain lightning arc. Note that it's pointless to equip Air Crystals without also equipping Air Gems.
  • Air Essence - Lightning arc power +1 - when empowerd with air essence, lightning arcs become more intense and cut wider paths through the orbs.
  • Earth Gem - Gravity effect length +1 - when triggered, magic earth orbs crush one additional orb before imploding.
  • Earth Crystal - Implosion radius +1 - implosions disintegrate orbs in a larger area
  • Earth Essence - Gravity pulse chance +50% - with the earth essence attached to the wand, an implosion has a chance to emit a horizontal burst of gravity force that shatters every orb on the same row.


Gem fragments can be found when you trigger various magic orbs in game. On rare occasions, you can find intact gems as well. These can be sold in the shop for coins. Of course, you may also wish to equip the gems you found instead.

Fragment Doubler duplicates every gem fragment you collect, and effectively doubles the rate at which you earn coins. Get it early in game to maximize gains.

Wand upgrades increase the number of gem slots on your wand, and thus allow more gems to be equipped. Each wand upgrade increases gem slots by three.

Coins are used to purchase gems and wand upgrades. You get coins by selling what you found in game, or buying with the "Get More" button.

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